14:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - HSBissarna (0 -1) 0 - 1
Temperature at 0 degrees Celcius, storm and snow. What a beginning ! Yes, this was a beginning that the Chickens want to forget. They didn't play that bad, at least not in the first half. Some opportunities to score, but... no goals. Instead HSBissarna makes the games only goal in the first half. A dull one !

21:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - SABA (1-2) 3 - 3
The Chickens did dominate the game, but as many times before no luck in scoring. For God's sake Kronblom did reduce their leading within a couple of minutes before the end. He became the hero of the game with his goal. Even SABA did congratulate him to the very nice goal !

28:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - SOS (2-1) 2 - 1
Never seen the Chickens fighting like they did tonite ! During the first part of the game the Chickens did play well and took an early leading in the tenth minute. Scorer - Christer. In the next counterattack SOS reduced. 1-1. But, just a minute before the halftime-rest Jesper shoot the Chickens to the lead. A magnificent goal !
In the second half the Chickens fighting hard to protect their leading. SOS pressing hard, but no gain in that. This year's first victory for the Chickens, but hopefully not the last one !

5:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - PVI 180 (2-0) 4 - 0
Not the most beautiful game the world has seen, but although a victory (again) for the Chickens. No doubt about who was the best team. The first goal came in the fifth minute (Erland) and from that moment the leading position was not threaten. Just before the halftime Per scored with a hard shot that the keeper couldn't get hold of. 2-0.
Christer scored 3-0 with the head after 35 minutes. Erland completed the victory after a mistake by the goalie. 4-0.

26:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - Dynamo Tårtan
(3-0) 8 - 0

Well, not to much to talk about. From the other team only five people showed up, so the question was; how many times were we going to score ? It ended up in eight. We didn't reach our record (13-0) this time, but we were fairly pleased anyway ! Two of us did Hat Trick, David and Per !
1-0 David
2-0 David
3-0 Per
4-0 Christer
5-0 Per
6-0 Per
7-0 Christer
8-0 David

2:nd of June
Älvsjös Avlagda - Hackkycklingarna
(0-1) 2 - 2

With last years result (1-7) in mind, we said to ourselves to do our best. Anything less than 1-7 would be a progress. But the game turned out to be more a discussion on - if the Chickens was going to win or not. We didn't win, but we really did a great game. The Chickens played very well and was the team closest to win, leading with both 0-1 and 1-2 the game ended in a drew. We was very pleased, maybe the best game ever played by the Chickens. The scorer of tonite were Jesper Olofsson and Niklas Wretman. An injured Kronblom did a brave game as keeper !

9:th of June
Hackkycklingarna- Broddway
(2-0) 3 - 2

A look-alike game! Pretty much look-alike yesterday's game between Estonia and Sweden. Hackkycklingarna/Sweden playing very well the first half of the game. (Where have we learned to play football since last year? The Chickens, I really need to say it again, played very well the first 20 minutes, it almost looked like real football!). Both team in a safe lead with 2-0/0-3, but more and more the other team started to take over and reduced the standings to 2-2/ 2-3. The Chickens and Sweden did get nervous and started to lose the good way to play. But, thank Heaven, Jesper did another third goal for the Chickens from a narrow angle. Jesper did also score 1-0. 2-0 was an excellent goal produced by Göran.

18:th of August
Lisebergs 49:ers - Hackkycklingarna (0-2) 1-2
The postponed game from June, which then was cancelled due to heavy rains. As always an important game for the Chickens, if beating the 49:ers the Chickens would have the opportunite to end up as the second team in the Premiere League. And we won ! A pretty safe victory. The 49:ers reduced one minute before the end. The first scorer for the Chickens was Göran. A really beautiful volley-goal in the 10:th minute. Almost in the next attack Erland scored 2-0. Even that one a beautiful goal. A light touch with the head over the keeper. The keeper of the day for the Chickens was the lost son Niklas.

The Corporation Cup

25:th of August
Barbapappa BK- Hackkycklingarna (1-1) 1-1
A moisty evening with sweating bodies - male bodies. You girls and boys, should have been there! Not only for the bodies, but also for the game.
Maybe it was the opposite team's heavy bodies that made the Chickens nervous in beginning. Anyhow, in the first attack after 30 sec. Barpappa made their first goal. What a beginning! But more and more the Chickens were going to take over and after 10 minutes the Chickens reduced, 1 - 1. A goal made by Johan Sandell, who did his first game for the Chickens. The rest of the game was a kind of parodic version of football. The Chickens attacking with the whole team over and over again, but didn't succed to score. On the other hand it was easy for Barbapappa to start dangerous counterattacks when nobody was in the defensive-line for the Chickens. The Chickens were saved at several times by their excellent keeper - Geir.

First of September
Gook Race- Hackkycklingarna (1-0) 3-0
We lost! 3-0. We didn't feel that well tonite. Everything went wrong from the beginning. The referee was bad, we didin't like the opposite team and therefore we couldn't concentrate ourselves at the match. In fact we disliked the other team, and specially a redheaded forward called Perry, that much that it influenced us in a bad way. They have dirty souls! Anyway we lost!