The Games of 1998

15:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - SABA (1 -1) 1 - 2
The first game of the year. As every year the Chickens are slow starters, that means that we lose the first game. This year, too.
As always, almost, the Chickens dominate. The Chickens playing very well the first half of the game and taking the lead. 1-0 for the Chickens, scorer; David Svärd. SABA reduces a couple of minutes before halftime-break.
In the second half the Chickens can´t keep up the good way to play, maybe the got a bit tired. SABA makes another goal, 1-2.
To sumarize the impression of the first game: we lost but it looked promising the way we played. Next time we´ll win....

22:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - SOS (1-1) 1-1
It started exactly like the game last week. About ten minutes from the start the Chickens took the lead. Same scorer as last week; David Swärd. In the same way as last week - on a penalty kick.
SOS reduced, 1-1.
The second half of the game was more or less a battle between the two teams and the circumstances. It was raining cats and dogs, the field was submerged by water and the light went out at 21.00, so the last 15 minutes were played in almost darkness. As said before, it was a battle; we didn´t like the other team and that is reflexed by number of players that were sent out. All in all six persons had to wait outside for five minutes. The game ended in a drew.

6:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - Älvsjös Avlagda (0-1) 0-1
It´s not always fun to be a Chicken. Today it wasn´t, we lost again!
Well, what to say? I think it wasn´t fair, none of the team did dominate the game. It was fairly even. They had the luck, we didn´t have it today. Maybe next time the luck will be on our side.

13:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - SEF (1-0) 2-1
Tonite the audience could recognize the old gold Chickens again. The first victory of the season, but hopefully not the last one.
With a reduced team of only seven people the Chickens played in a calm and smart way. We did what we had been taught by the coach - let the ball makes the job.
And so we did - the first to obey the words and convert it in to practice was Jesper. In the 10:th minute, outside the goalarea, he shoot 1-0. This standing last for 25 minutes, five minutes before the end SEF reduced. But no gain in that, in the following counterattack Christer forced the ball in to the goal. 2-1 for the Chickens, a standing that the Chickens defended to the bitter end.

3:rd of June
Hackkycklingarna - HSBissarna (0-1) 0-5 0-5.
So what !

10:th of June
Hackkycklingarna - Kungarna (2-0) 5-1

What happened! Suprisingly we won. After the bad seasonopening we had started to despair of ever winning again - and have fun while playing football. Two wishes that were going to be fulfilled within this night´s game. But it started in a bad way. For the first time ever the Chickens didn´t have a whole team, we were only six players. For a slight moment we were thinking of w.o., but as soon as the game started we noticed that we were the strongest team.
We played well and defended us in a brave way. Over and over again we attacked the other team and about ten minutes from the beginning Jesper did our first goal. Before the break Jesper did another goal 2-0. Pretty soon in the second half Christer scored 3-0. The Kings reduced 3-1, but a minute later Christer did his second goal, thanks to David! Now, we were aware that we were going to win. Jesper ended the game this night by making his third goal, 5-1. Magnus was excellent as a keeper.

17:th of June
Hackkycklingarna - Lisebergs 49:ers (2-2) 2-5

The field was drained in water, from the grey sky the rain was pouring down - as usual when we play. Sorry to say, but most of the games this year have been mudwrestling rather than football.

The game of this evening was a hard and even fight until Göran was seriously hurt. The standing at that point was 2-2, but from that the Chickens was loosing track. With only six persons it was impossible to keep up the result. Now we lost, but what would the result had been with a full team? The scorer of the Chickens were Joppe and Göran.

19:th of August
Hackkycklingarna - Dynamo Tårtan (1-3) 3-8

3-8! We are not quite sure if it was 3-8, could had been more - but not less than that. We don´t remember anything, we even don´t remember who were the scorer of the Chickens, we just want to forget. Forget the whole fucking season! Everyone in the Chickens are disappointed.

The Corporation Cup

25:th of August
Hackkycklingarna - Bulltjocks (3-1) 3-4

It can´t be true, leading by 3-0 after ten minutes but ending up in a defeat! This is not the year of the chickens. Scorer for the Chickens were: Tim, Christer and Ronny.

1:st of September
Hackkycklingarna - Runmarö IF (0-1) 0-3

We are lost in space! Nothing works our way. Bad vibrations on the field, the other team reminds us about our old enemy Devils. Right now, or in fact the whole season, has been a backlash for the Chickens.
We lost, but was it fair? Maybe, maybe not. The game could had turned out in an other way if we had got the first goal. We very close, the ball jumped up and down on the line at the goal, but the referee didn´t thought it was a goal. We can only guess what had been the scenario if it was a goal.

15:th of September
Hackkycklingarna - Stockholms pärlor (0-0) 1-1

OK! We can not only loose, but we can´t win, this one ended although in a drew. Not bad. A small step in the Corporation Cup but a giant for the Chickens. Scorer was Per Persson.

22:nd of September
Hackkycklingarna - Oxymoron (1-1) 3-2

Tonite you could recognize the old gold Chickens. Everyone was fighting hard, a bit luck was on our side that resulted in a early goal by Erland. Oxymoron reduced, but the Chickens didn´t give up. Our man on the top - Micke made both the second and the third goal.
We were all satisfied to end this bad year by winning tonite. Maybe, this was the first step on the road back to what the Chickens has been - a winning team.