The Games of 1999

15:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - Kungarna 6-1 (3-1)
The first game of 1999. After a long and cold winter it was time to start over again. Previous years the Chickens has been slow starters. But not this year - contrary to other years this was an explosion in goalscoring.

But it didn´t start that well, Kungarna made the first goal (their one and only) five minutes from the start. 0-1, but the Chickens didn´t panic. Soon it was time for a reply. Just a couple a minutes after 0-1 Henrik headed 1-1. From now on nothing could stop us. Next to score was Niklas. His first goal since 1995 (nice to see you back on the track again!). Below follows the complete list of scorer.

1-1 Henrik
2-1 Niklas
3-1 Erland
4-1 Christer
5-1 David (a rapid and nice free-kick from a distance)
6-1 Christer

Beside the goals, the Chickens did play very well. A lot of nice combination and pass-opps. Everyone fighted brave-hearted. Magnus was an excellent keeper and did some unbelievable savings. It looks pretty good for the Chickens this year!

26:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - Gula Villan 0-0 (0-0)
A tuff fight, but not a dull game. To quote the referee it was a fun and swinging game. The audiendce was excited, almost at the verge to nervous breakdown - which team was going to win? Finally, the game ended in a draw. Maybe a fair result.

If one team would have won it was the Chickens, who dominated the game the first half of the first period, but at the end of the first period the Chickens was severly oppresed. In the second period the game was in the favour of the Chickens. The Chickens was dominating and had a lot of opportunity to score, but no gain in scoring this week. If luck was on our side last week it wasn´t present tonight.

The Chickens continued the nice way to play from last week. Short passopps and a lot of good combinations, but unfortunately no goals. But no time to sobb, we actually did get one point.

3:rd of May
Hackkycklingarna - Ribba In 7-1 (4-1)
An early disappointment, the other team scores five minutes from the start after some misunderstandings among the Chickens and an irritable puddle. But that small incident won´t upset the mind of the Chicken-machinery and after a couple minutes it´s time for penalty that David in an easy way places behind the keeeper. 1-1

During the next ten minutes Christer does a Hat Trick with a lot of help from his Chicken pals. (Christer says that he admires Patrik Andersson in Hammarby and want to play and look like him. He is also thin like him).

After half-time break the Chickens continue their orgastic scoring night. Next to score is Göran, in a delicious way he´s sneaking along the shortside line and in an hockey-like manner rounds the keeper and scores with a smile on his face. Below follows the complete scoring list.

1-1 David (penalty)
2-1 Christer
3-1 Christer
4-1 Christer
5-1 Göran (brilliant goal, could only had been done by an excellent player like Göran or Dan Sahlin)
6-1 David
7-1 Erland (alone with the keeper, scoring between his legs, the complete humble)

As said before, after the first game this year, the Chickens did play very well tonite. A lot of nice combinations and pass-opps and everyone fighted brave-hearted. But, maybe the best thing of all was that the Chicken did get a new keeper - a real one. It´s a long time since we had one!

10:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - Devils 3-3 (2-2)
The night of the big battle. The battle against our old enemy - Devils. A team that we doesn´t like that much since a game a couple a years ago went far beyond football. It ended in a gang-bang.

Tonite´s game was a more soft one that started in the favour of Devils. 0-1 five minutes from the start. But pretty soon the Chickens reduced. A hard shot from a distance by Erland, no chance for the keeper. Almost immediately Devils replied 1-2, a cheap goal! At this moment you could recognize a small tendence to disappointment by the Chickens, but the sadness was short. Just a couple of minutes before the halftime break Göran and Erland did one of the most beautiful goals ever seen. Göran succeed in putting a ball into play that we all thought was dead (over the shortside line). But in one way or another Göran served Erland an unbelievable passopps that resultated in 2-2.

After the break the Chickens dominated the game but it took 19 minutes before we could use some gain from the domination. In last minute David just touched the ball and the Chickens was in lead, 3-2. Now the thought that we were going to win, but ten seconds before the end Devils reduced on a distanceshot, a cheap one again - of course! The game ended in drew, 3-3.

17:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - Solitaire BBQ 1-1 (1-1)
You have seen the Chickens been playing better than tonite. This was not the right night for the Chickens. It seemed that the Chickens didn´t get in to the game. Everyone (almost) was blaming himself for doing wrong things and so on. But why be disappointed? The Chickens met the team, who leads the League in splendid isolation (the Chickens is second) and had been winning every game until tonight.

Maybe why we were blaming ourselves was that the opposite team in fact only consisted of six players and we thought that we maybe were going to win. But most fundamental thing about the disappointment was, as said before, that we didn´t get into the game. But, next time....!

The Chickens was coached in an excellent way by Erland and David was the scorer tonight. Per Ulander was magnificent as keeper.

31:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - HBC Älgen 2-2 (1-2)
Another unsettled game, the fourth of this season. Although the Chickens stands unbeaten so far and is still in the second place.

But, it could had been better than this - because we did dominate the game but couldn´t take advantage of that. In some way we did play well but in another way we got stuck in the offensive part of the play. We didn´t do it in the easy way, we made it difficult for ourselves. In the early part of the game we played nice and pretty straight forward but lost it somehow.

Scorer to tonight was Urban (his first for the Chickens) and David (penalty, in the last minute or something like that) Thank God, that we reduced, it would had been a disappointment to loose this game.

7:th of June
Hackkycklingarna - En Asgrön Häger 1-1 (0-0)
A magnificent night, a magnificent team. Handsome and goodlooking boys. And - not to forget to mention - a Chicken-team playing in a magnificent way! But just one thing did we lack of: the victory. As all our games this year this one also ended in drew.

Although, the Chickens played very well (maybe never seen them better than this) they couldn´t win. The opposite team was also in a terrific shape. Handsome and slim football-players.

In the defensive region Tim was the great authority acting like Kaizer Franz. He was completly incorruptible, noone did get beyond him. In offensiveline David and Erland were working hard and orginazed the attacks. Scorer for the Chickens was David, a beautiful lob over the keeper.

It´s time to win! Remember the first game this year? Nop, OK, it was against Kungarna. Next week we meet them again. Another victory?

14:th of June
Hackkycklingarna - Kungarna 1-1 (0-0)
This is unbelieveable!! The sixth unsettled game out of eight this season. It seems that we neither can lose or win. It doesn´t matter what we do the games will anyway end in a drew.

But tonight, to be honest, we were only two seconds away from losing our first game. But, for God sake Christer did get a foot on the ball and steered it behind the keeper.

Let´s take it from the beginning. The Chickens was opressed through first half of the game and gave the other team great opportunites to attack deep into our part of the field before meeting any resistance.

After the halftime break it was a bit different. The Chickens was more offensive and stressed the other team. Although, Kungarna made 0-1 about ten minutes from the end. They also had some more dangerous attacks that Lasse did ward off three times in a row. Thanks to Lasse!

At this point the Chickens attacked over and over again, but no gain until two seconds before the end. 1-1.

21:st of June
Hackkycklingarna - Gula Villan 4-2 (2-0)
Tonight happened something completely different! Something apart from the latest games that the Chickens has been playing. After five unsettled games (almost looking like AIK 1998) in a row this game ended in a victory for the Chickens.

It was not only a victory, it was a triumph. It was a gorgeous show that the Chickens performed. Dominating every part of the field and playing football in an happy way. The audience was really amused.

It started very well with a really nice goal from Per about seven minutes from start. (His first goal ever for the Chickens). He headed the ball hard and distinct behind the keeper. Only two minutes later Per scored again, almost from same angle as the first one, but this time with his foot.

A fun thing about the two goals is that Per only a minute before scoring his first one was complaining about not knowing his position. Usually Per is played as offensive defender but today he was the left wing on the midfield. I guess he really did find his place!

The rest of the game was a piece of a cake for the Chickens, although giving the opposite team the possibility to reduce the lead. The other two goals for the Chickens was made by Jesper.

Now it´s time to take a rest for a while. It summerbreak for the league and it will be cotinued in August. During the summerbreak the Chickens will train harder than ever to consolidate their topposition after the break.

16:th of August
Hackkycklingarna - Ribba In 4-0 (0-0)
Maybe has the Chickens been training to hard during summer, because they had some minor problems in the beginning of the game tonite. No goal during the first half of the game. One reason to that could had been that the Chickens early was reduced with one person. Jesper was send out after telling a player from the opposite team to "go read a book".

Anyway, in the beginning of the second half the Chickens started to play in that winning way that we are used to see them. It started with Jesper, 1-0 and went on with Göran 2-0 ( a "sockroller" or a volley, depends on who you ask). Magnus scored 3-0 from a distance. A nice shot in the cross. Per Persson, who had been training in USA for a year, ended the Chicken-show tonite. 4-0. All in all it looks pretty good for the Chickens.

23:rd of August
Hackkycklingarna - Devils 2-2 (2-0)
The team Devils must been sent from hell! They are really stupid bastards and destroy all the the fun that comes with football. They are too serious and maybe they have seen on the the TV that you should box, jab and pull the player in the opposite team in every situation. And obviously they are that stupid not tell the difference between Premiere League and Korp-football. That is sad, because when I say box I really mean it literally. Boxing, boxing, grabbing and pulling in the shirt! After a while you get that tired of them that you start yelling at them. "You son of a bitch", "Are you mongolid?" e t c . The way they act they ruin the game. Excuse me, but I had to puke! Thinking and writing about them make me sick!

In fact it is not everyone in the Devils that act in the that bad way. It is only about three bastards, but these three gives the whole team a bad rumour. Particular I think of a squint-eyed mongoloid playing as a midfielder or something like that, he is the worst one. I doubt that his mother like him, she can´t say "I love you my son" and at the same time telling the truth!

Anyway, result of the game was 2-2. The Chickens took the lead after about ten minutes. With a very nice volley Göran scored 1-0. The keeper hadn´t got a chance. The Chickens was amused because Devils was disappointed and didn´t play that well. Pretty soon it was time again for the Chickens to score. Christer dribbeled through a couple of players and pushed the ball behind the keeper. 2-0. At that point it felt pretty stable, but it in the second half of the game Devils reduced.

30:th of August
Hackkycklingarna - Solitaire BBQ 1-1(1-1)
The coach was really disappointed, the team was disappointed and even the referee was disappointed to what the Chickens did tonight.

Why this disappointment?
The opposite team consisted only out of five players and the Chickens couldn´t beat them! That´s bad! That´s why everybody is disappointed and the coach couldn´t give anyone in the Chickens approving. He admitted that Tim perhaps had passed due to scoring for the first time for the Chickens.

6:th of September
Hackkycklingarna - HBC Älgen 3-3 (1-2)
What have the coach done to us? In some way the Chickens is on their way to set a record. As in eight games before this game also ended with an even result 3-3. This must be some kind of record in the Corporation League! OK, we haven´t lost so far this year but we have only beaten the opposite team four times. It´s a mysterious. It seems that we can´t lose neither win.

This nights game started in a bad way. Älgen did both 0-1 and 0-2 before we came in to the game. It started out of Christer, forcing himself through the defensiveline and fell easy as he was touched by an Älgen-player. Some laughed, others cried out their anger but the referee pointed att penaltyspot. David controlled the situation totalty and reduced in a nice way, 1-2. From that point we started to dominate the game.

The domination continued in the second half of the game, but unfortunately Älgen scored again 1-3. For a moment we were a bit disappointed, but continued to play in a very nice way and pretty soon David scored another two times. HAT TRICK! Now, the standing was 3-3 and for the rest of the game, approxiametly 10 minutes, we were playing on one half of the field. The Chickens attacked over and over again but we couldn´t get further than 3-3.

13:th of September
Hackkycklingarna - En Asgrön Häger 2-0 (1-0)
The last game of the year! A lot of people had been looking forward towards the game between the Chickens and En Asgrön Häger. Particularly the players in En Asgrön Häger. They have been spying at us the last two games trying to figure out how to beat us.

This was the game that was going to tell which of the team that will play in the Premier League next year. Before tonite´s game En Asgrön Häger was two points ahead of the Chickens, therefore the Chickens was forced to win if to be seen in the Premier League next year.

It started very well, within the first minute the Chickens made 1-0. Brilliantly David dribbled through the defensiveline and just pushed the ball behind the keeper. Very easy, very smooth! A terrific start.

Through the whole game it was an hard fight in a fair way. It was a game between two really good team. Everyone was running and fighting a lot. The other team had opportunities to score but so had the Chicken too. It looked like that it was determined that we were going to win. We were playing well - the ball did the work - and honest to say the luck was also on our side. In the second half did one of Per´s many rushes, from the rear region towards the offensive sector, result in 2-0. At that moment the game was over. We were pretty sure to win and so did we.

As said before - everyone in the Chickens was excellent - but we owe to give David an extra honour, he was splendid!

We want to thank all our fans, supporters and sponsors for this year. See you next year in the Premier League!