The Games of 2000

19:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - Älvsjös Avlagda 1-8 (1-4)
-Are you ready Steve?
Alright Fellows, lets go!!

-Are the Chickens ready to play?
- No (Everyone in the Chicken in chorus)

Forget that f***ing tune, forget even this first game. We want to forget our start of this season. We didn´t play that bad, but the opposite team was better. Göran did our consalation goal.

Why did Göran do the only goal tonite? Maybe God saw him. Why did God see Göran? Well maybe beacuase he started to hug the players in the opposite team. Instead of yelling at the most stupid player in Älvsjös Avlagda Göran gave him hug. Maybe we now have found a new way to score - HUG YOUR ENEMIES - and God will reward you with a goal! Could it be easy like that?

26:th of April
Hackkycklingarna - HSBissarna 3-1(1-0)
- Are you ready Steve?
- Andy?
Alright Fellows, lets go!!

-Are the Chickens ready to play?
- Yes!! (Everyone in the Chicken in chorus)

Tonite the Chickens were ready to take-off as distinguished from last week. They were playing smart, and pretty soon the Chickens did get a penalty. As always Christer falls easy. He was only touched by the opposite player but the referee thought it looked natural. He pointed at the penaltyspot and David (as always) was very safe when he placed the ball behind the keeper. 1-0

1-0 was the standing far into the second half of the game, but at the end the Chickens exploded. First Erland scored, a really hard halfvolley from a distance - uncatchable for the keeper, 2-0. A couple of minutes later Niklas forced the ball into the goal after a small tumult in the goalarea , 3-0. Now we were pretty sure to win. HSBissarna reduced some minutes from the end, 3-1. But that didn´t change a thing, we were the winner!

3:rd of May
Hackkycklingarna - SOS 6-1 (2-0)
History repeats itself, or more correct to say - the team SOS doesn´t deny themself. Last time we met SOS six players were sent out. Tonite only one of the players in SOS was sent out but at least one more should had been sent out. But, does i t matter when the Chickens almost humbled them totally? Maybe not, but you ought not to be adressed with words like: I will crush your head, without any reprisals. SOS is a dirty team, at least some of the players.

The intermezzos did start in the middle of the second half of the game. The Chickens was in a safe lead when SOS lost their temper. The Chickens got a penalty (Erland scored 4-1) plus that one of the players in SOS was sent out. After that the game lost its nerve, the Chickens couldn´t completely focus on the game with the SOS-players only running around shouting and yelling at the referee. Although the unfocused state the Chickens did two more goals, David and Erland.

Taking in the first game of the season in calculation the Chickens now is back on zero. Yes, we do have 4 points but we have also repaired the fatal 1-8, now the goaldifference is 10-10. A pretty good seasonopening!

10:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - Solitaire BBQ 2-5 (0-2)
It started very well. The Chickens dominated the game, the first ten minutes were brilliant. When, something happened! We lost control or maybe it was the self-confidence. Anyway, the opposite team scored twice, very dull and simple goals. They didn´t deserve them!

In the second half of the game they scored another three goals, all very simple and dull. The Chickens reduced the standings, both goals scored by David, who was excellent tonite. All in all; the Chickens didn´t play that bad but there were all a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings within the team. We didn´t yell at each our but in many cases the passes didn´t have the right adress. Both Christer and Göran were very disappointed:
- I think I never seen myself playing more worse than tonite! I didn´t do anything good only harm to the team.
Both trying to convince each other who was the worst player.

17:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - Lisebergs 49:ers 4-1 (2-1)
All the spectators (including Thomas Wernersson) were very impressed by the Chickens tonight. A happy team playing happy football! It almost looked like Hammarby vs Göteborg. And in fact there were a lot of similarities between the Chickens and Hammarby. Before the start of the game we decided that Göran is Andreas Hermansson, Tim is Trym, Henrik is Mikael Hellström, Niklas is Eskil (before he was injured), Christer is Pinnen, Erland is Kennedy, Stefan is Eskilinen and finally Per is Fürsth. Who wants to be Andreas Bild?

Everything worked out very well, although the 49:ers made the first goal we didn´t get stressed . We only continued the nice way to play and attacked over and over again. After ten minutes from the start Per rushed like Fürsth and reduced 1-1. Only a couple of minutes later Christer did score exactly like Pinnen does. A sockroller-goal, 2-1.

In the second part of the game it was no doubt who was going to win. The Chickens made both 3-1, 4-1 and had a lot of other more opportunities to score, but we were satisfied by winning by 4-1. Göran did 3-1 in the same way that Hermansson will do later on in Hammarby. Our newcomer tonight, Stefan Andersson, ended the scoring. Stefan was really good and worked as hard as Eskilinen.

24:th of May
Hackkycklingarna - UNK United 2-4 (1-3)
Unfortunately only five of the Chickens player had the possibily to show up tonight. It was a pity! But it´s no idea to cry over ruined milk.

The five Chickens who showed up did a brave and heroic effort. The Chickens was pretty close to reduce and reach a result that would have end in a draw. The Chickens did get a penalty when the standing was 2-3, but unfortunately the penalty didn´t result in a goal. Anyway, indeed the Chickens did their very best and was pretty close to neutralize the opposite team. Next time we will beat them - hard! David scored twice tonight and is now in a safe pool-postion in the internal scorer league.

7:th of June
Hackkycklingarna - SEF 2-4 (0-2)
Like last week it was problem to gather the boys. Unfortunately only seven of the Chickens player had the possibily to show up tonight. It was a full team, but also a soaking wet field covered with big puddles of water. Under circumstances like this you need some more players to trade with. Otherwise you soon get pretty tired running around in the mudlike field. Sometimes it was more like mudwrestling than football.

Due to the shortage of players we lost again. It was the second lost in a row. But in fact the Chickens gave SEF a lot of difficulties to win. Remember that SEF is in the top of the League! Next time, with some more players to use, the Chickens will give them a hard fight. Scorer tonight were David (penalty) and Fredrik.

14:th of June
Hackkycklingarna - Älvsjös Avlagda 2-1 (1-1)
A dramatic change since last week; no puddles of water at field and ten (10!) hungry Chickens showing up to combat Älvsjös Avlagda - the team in the lead of the Premiere League. But, maybe the most dramatic change, we would even call it a revolution, was that we had a real keeper. It was a long time since Per Ulander showed up last time as goalie. Jonas was the new keeper and he saved us a several times. He was magnificent!

In the first game this year we lost to Älvsjös Avlagda by 1-8. Noone thouhgt about that tonight. Everyone was very focused and didn´t give them a chance. It was tuff and even fight. The Chickens fighted and fighted although Älvsjös Avlagda did the first goal. Maybe that goal even encouraged us a little bit more. Not far from the end of the first period Niklas forced himself through their defensiveline and scored 1-1.

It was Niklas´ second goal this year, what will that end up in, 4-5 goals? That would be a really comeback for him in the Scoring League. Remember, long time ago, in the early beginning of the history of the Chickens he was the really Scorer. In the first year he scored ten (10) times!

OK, back to the second half of the game tonight. All along the second period their was that feeling We will never give this up!The pressure against Älvsjö increased and finally the Chickens got a penalty. Erland placed it safety behind the keeper and by that the Chickens had defeated the leader of the League. Judging from the way the Chickens played tonight, the Chickens can beat every team in the League.

21:st of June
Hackkycklingarna - HS Bissarna 1-7 (0-3)
Who is afraid to lose?The Chickens are not! And we did it a lottonight! In fact there is no gain in analysing why we did it - we purely lost!

OK, a short summarize and analysis of the game would look like this: the Chickens did not play that bad and the opposite team did not dominate the game totaly but we hadn´t got a chance. They were toowell-originazied. Bjorn did our consolation-goal. A nice one, a halfvolley from a distance.

16:th of August
Hackkycklingarna - SOS 3-3 (2-1)
Maybe the Chickens had been resting a little bit to much during the summer. It took a while before they woke up. But when they woke up they made both 1-1 and 2-1 within five minutes during the first period. Scorer both time was Stefan.

From that almost everyone thought that the Chickens was going to take over. But somehow SOS reduced and disturbed the harmony in the Chickens. The Chickens fought in a brave way but could not find the right harmony again although they took the lead with 3-2. This time scorer was Per. That happened about ten minutes from the end. The lead was not that secure and the Chickens could not really find their positions. That gave the oppurtunity for SOS to reduce the Chickens lead and for the first time this year a game for the Chickens ended in a draw.

Beside the three goals tonight the Chickens had a lot chances to score but so had SOS too. As a matter of fact they had some really dangerous opportunities in the second half of the game. At that occasions Jonas saved the Chickens. He was brilliant.

23:rd of August
Hackkycklingarna - Solitaire BBQ 1-1 (0-1)
The Chickens did a tremendous effort tonight! After the game last week the Chickens was a bit disappointed and on the paper tonight they had a tough task - they were playing the Premier League leaders Solitaire BBQ.

It could had been a Gang Bang for the Chickens, but the Chickens stood up and did not give Solitaire a chance. The defensiveline was solid with a lot of help from the midfielders. And from the rear Jonas was guiding us in a safe way. In fact the Solitaire BBQ did not have that fat chances at all. They did have a couple of dangerous shots from a distance. At some of them Jonas did some marvellous savings. In fact it look liked that Solitaire was some kind of confused. But at last they did score. 0-1. That was the standing at the half time rest.

Not to forget that the Chickens also had some chances in the first period, but they had more of that thing in the second period. From one of these attacks the Chickens did get a penalty. As always David succeed to score. 1-1 - and that was the standing when the game ended. From both team one player was sent out by the referee in the end of the game. You can debate on that if it was correct or not send them out. Anyway it did not make any difference for the result.

Both team was satisfied with the result and the way the game was played. A happy game!

30:th of August
Hackkycklingarna - Lisebergs 49:ers 1-2 (0-0)
The referee was really goofytonight! He was bad and dull as anyone can be. He interrupted and ruined all the fun. Usually we think he likes our team but tonight he was completely against us. Maybe he has been broken up with his boyfriend and placed all the anger on us. So did the Chicken thought, if it is true or not they don´t know.

The factis that he gave the opposite team a very dangerous free-kick at a critical moment. The game was pretty even (the standing was 0-0) and at that moment he gave them this advantage. He excused the verdict due to that he thought our goalie had shouted ..the ball is mine.That was the reason to give them the free-kick, of course did it result in a goal.

We were crushed! The opposite team took advantage of our mental shape and the second goal was not far away. 0-2. In the last minute we did get a consolation goal but it was to close to the end to reduce their lead. The game ended 1-2.

Afterwards it were huge discussions about the referee´s judgement. In what extensions is it motivated to follow the rules that close? Will the game be more fun? Is it necessary to be that sharp? Particular when he was not completely sure that our goalie had said exactly that words.

Due to this the referee sent us to the very bottom of the Premier League, but the Chickens have the chance to advance - there are still two more games.

6:th of September
Hackkycklingarna - Unk United 5-5(2-3)
It started really bad tonight! Within a couple of minutes from the start Unk United had done two very cheap and dull goals. Although the disastrous opening the Chickens felt confident. And the audience (Kamilla) knew that the Chickens could do better than that. And they did!

Both 1-2 and 2-2 happened very fast. Nice combinations between Per and David. Now the Chickens thought that this was going to be a piece of cake, but when came the backlash. Unk did 2-3. But the Chickens replied very fast with another goal...and another. Now we were in the lead by 4-3. Once again we thought that this will work out well in our favour. But somehow Unk reduced again.

What to do? The game was at the very end so the Chickens put in another gear - the 5th - and that resultated also in the 5th goal. That 5th goal must be the one that gives the Chicken the victory everyone thouhgt, even the referee and Kamilla. But hey, don´t shout before you had cross the rill!

The Chickens did not know what to say but Unk reduced 5-5 and that was the final standing.

13:th of September
Hackkycklingarna - SEF 3-0(1-0)
Yes, the Chickens made it. They survived and succeed to sustain their position as a team in the Premiere League. Before the game tonight the Chickens was placed one step from the bottom, but the League was very uniform. Only two points difference between the team at the bottom and the team at the fourth place.

Everyone in the Chickens was very determinded from the first kick till the glourious end. Nothing could stop us from winning tonight! The opposite team started the game in a optimistic way. They were playing nice football but didn´t get any hot chances. The defensiveline in the Chickens was very stable and from the rear Jonas commanded the rest of the team in a safe way. More and more the Chickens took the command and after about ten minutes it was time for Per to score for the first time tonight.

The more the game went on the more the Chickens ruled the game. Pretty soon after the half-time rest the Chickens scored again. 2-0. Now we started to believe that we maybe were going to win - and hence leave the position at the bottom - a position that would have sent us to the first division.

But no danger on the roof tonight, nothing could stop us not even that two us were sent out in the end of the game. The Chickens went through the challenge and finished at the fifth place. Not bad!!